No. of checkouts
scored: 367

1 What type of customers do you serve?

2 What is your website address?

3 How regularly do you test your checkout process as a new customer?

4 Do you track every step of your checkout and know exactly where the bottlenecks are?

5 Is your website secure and running on https with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on every single page?

6 Do you implement address lookups / validators?

7 Is your software up-to-date with the latest patches?

8 Do you run penetration tests or use a third party to test the security of your site?

9 Do you track the searches that people make ON your website?

10 Is it possible to 'tap to call' your phone numbers on mobile?

11 Do you clearly display delivery costs so customers are not surprised at checkout?

12 Do you have any trust / confidence signals? (E.g. SSL logo, verified by Google logos etc)

13 Do you measure your conversion ratio?

14 Do you use coupons and discount codes?

15 Do your pages pages load in under 3 seconds?

16 Do you send abandoned basket emails?

17 Do you have a customised ‘post checkout’ page that customers see after they purchase?

18 Do you know exactly where customers drop out in your checkout?

19 Do you offer upsells / crossells on your product page, basket, checkout or after order placed?

20 Do you use time sensitive messaging e.g “Hurry, only X left” or “5 purchased in the last 2 hours” ?

21 Do you have a one page / one step checkout?

22 Do you clearly update users on the status of their order right through to delivery?

23 Do you offer Finance as a payment option?

24 Do you offer ApplePay as a payment option?

25 Is your payment processor on-site or off-site?

26 Do you allow users to checkout as a guest?

27 Are you serving your pages using PWA (Progressive Web App) technologies?